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  • Will waxing my make my face and body hair grow back thicker?
    Waxing takes the hair completely out of the follicle. Because hair is taken completely out of the follicle, over time it grows back finer and sparser. Waxing will eventually break down the follicle and cause hairs not to grow back much at all however, you are still encouraged to keep up with regular appointments. The overall goal of hair removal is to reduce the amount and rate of hair growth. Hair will still grow but not as fast or dense.
  • Does waxing cause ingrowns?
    Waxing actually helps with reducing ingrowns because the hair is taken completely out of the follicle. Shaving, however, WILL cause ingrowns. With shaving, the hair stays underneath the skin thus resulting in the hair curling back inside of the follicle. This is what causes ingrown bumps. Shaving will also result in the hair growing back thicker and darker over time because it is not being pulled out from the follicle.
  • Eyebrow Sculpting - Nice Shape vs Thickness
    You are required to complete a client intake form before every new appointment. When you are completeing the Eyebrow Sculpting form, you will see a question that asks, "What is most important to you when getting your eyebrows groomed? Nice Shape or Thickness?" There are times when a client's eyebrows are thick enough to have both a nice shape and maintain the thickness of their natural eyebrows. However, there are many times when a client's eyebrows are too thin to accomodate a nice shape and the focus is growth or a client with thick eyebrows will request that their eyebrows remain thick, however a nice shape may not be a result of keeping the brows thick. Caressa Brow Artistry is an eyebrow specialist and will tailor each shaping sesson to fit the individual need of the client.
  • Can I have a family member/friend for mutual support in the room with me while receiving a wax?
    No. Having more than one person at a time in the service room is against state board policy. Additionally, each service requires full attention and additional parties in the room may be a distraction for both the client being serviced and Artist performing the service. Caressa Brow Artistry Brow&Brazilian Parlour is serious about the privacy of each client and asks for full cooperation with this policy.
  • How do I prepare for a brazilian wax?
    To prepare for a brazilian wax, you will need to have a quarter inch of hair (the length of a rice grain or approximately 2 to 3 weeks of growth) and will have needed to exfoliate regularly twice a week at home so that by the time you are due for your brazilian wax, the hair will come up much easier. Regular exfoliating will also reduce in the amount of ingrowns. The night before your appointment, exfoliate using exfoliant glove (if you do not have one, it will be provided to you at the end of your first brazilian appointment, it is your responsibility to keep up with it!). Because of the special type of soft wax that is used, clients are encouraged to trim before their brazilian appointment. This special soft wax performs and adheres better to hair that is between a quarter to half of an inch. Hair that is longer than half an inch should be trimmed with scissors. Using a razor is forbidden and trimming with clippers may risk in the hair being too short to remove. Caressa Brow Artistry is NOT responsible for any injuries that may occur due to handling and using scissors improperly.
  • Can I get my brazilian waxed while on my menstrual?
    Yes you can be waxed on your menstrual cycle but it is suggested to do so only in emergency situations like before a vacation. If you absolutely can't stand the sight of hair while on your menstrual, then you will need to wear a menstrual cup or tampon to prevent spotting and leaks during the time of the brazilian appointment. Also, please bear in mind that the body is much more sensitive at the time of menstruation; therefore, the wax service may be slightly more uncomfortable than normal.
  • Can I get a brazilian wax while pregnant?
    Yes! You absolutely can get your brazilian waxed while pregnant; however, please bear in mind that like menstruation, during pregnancy the body is much more sensitive and may cause a little more discomfort than usual. You are encouraged during the last trimester to ask your doctor is it okay for you to continue getting your brazilian waxed.
  • How often should I get my waxing services done?
    You are encouraged to stick to a solid maintenance routine for waxing appointments. Waxing is a progressive treatment meaning that over time you will see a reduction in hair growth but you will NEED to stick to the recommended schedule to see a decrease in how frequently the hair grows back. It will be determined during your appointment how often you will need to be serviced. Typical eyebrow hair cycle is between 4 to 6 weeks, while the brazilian hair cycle is every 3 to 4 weeks.
  • What should I expect after receiving a wax service?
    After receiving any wax service, itching as well as redness, soreness, puffiness and small bumps are perfectly normal. This will go away in 48 to 72 hours. You are encouraged to avoid saunas, hot showers/baths, and anything else that will overly sensitize the area for 24-48 hours. 48 hours after a brazilian wax you will need to start exfoliating regularly to prevent ingrown bumps.
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